Core Board-Standing Balance Round

Core Board-Standing Balance Round

SKU: F118-17.5x2

The Core Board is a standing balance round designed to engage your whole body while using a standing desk. The Core Board keeps your legs, core, and body active to help improve focus, reduce fatigue, and relieve foot tension. 


Dimensions: 17.5” X 2"

Weight: 11.18 lbs.

  • Description:

    • Made in Michigan, U.S.A.

    • 3/4” Thickness

    • MDF Core

    • Seamless edges

    • No side-banding required


  • Accessory/Custom Options:

     6 Surface colors

         - Marker Board - Glossy white

         - White Wood - Wood grain texture

         - Dark Wood - Wood grain texture

         - Natural Maple

         - Gun Metal

         - Black Crystal - Light texture