The Name Behind the Furniture

The process by which we make our furniture here at Fōmcore is something we

consider extremely special. From the conceptualization of designs to the final

packaging and shipping of a piece, each member of our team is dedicated to

making exceptional work. Let’s hear what Dave Diller, one of our regional sales director in the west, has to say about the name behind the furniture.

You may have noticed the small “Fōmcore” tag on every piece of our furniture. This

tag is one of the ways we communicate how we are all about the creativity, adaptability and the quality our furniture represents. What you may not know is there is another tag that goes on our furniture, one you may not have seen or even noticed.

A product tag is placed on the outside packaging of each piece so it can be easily identified during shipping and installation. This tag specifies the item number, textiles used, and sales order that it is a part of. While those identification markers are necessary, perhaps the most important part of this tag are the signatures located on the top right corner. These signatures belong to the men and women who had a hand in making that unique piece of furniture.

Our furniture doesn’t get mass produced by machines in a factory - it gets made by

craftsmen in our shop. From Brenda and Edgar to Erin and Cody, our men and

women sign off on our pieces because they are proud of the work they do and proud to have their name attached.

Like the furniture itself, our team is full of individuals who are creative, adaptable and of the highest quality; who we are goes into what we do .

As you place our furniture in schools this summer, give another look to the tag and

accompanying signatures. Let those names be a reminder that we are not only

proud of our furniture, but proud to be your supporting partner.

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