The Man With The Plan

While all of our regional directors have been keeping busy with installs this summer, they’ve

also been building new relationships with those they meet on the road. Let’s check in

with our regional director in the West, Dave Diller, as he shares a little bit more about one of

the people that he has the pleasure of working with.

"I want to give a special shout out to David Geu at MeTEOR Education for his stellar work

this summer. Dave has the challenging role of Project Management. A simple title but, as all

of you PMs know, it is anything but simple! From dealing with construction delays, timing

manufacturer deliveries and working with local install crews these are long days in the field

filled with even longer evenings in front of the computer."

"Dave is diligent, prepared, can adapt on the fly and is cool under pressure. Yet, perhaps

Dave's greatest skill... he is kind. In a position where there are many things outside of his

control Dave exudes kindness in such a way that others want to work harder. Hats off to

you Dave (and ALL OF YOU PMs OUT THERE!) for making this summer of installs run so


We’re so thankful for Dave Diller AND Dave Geu as they work to create adaptable and healthy classroom spaces that inspire better learning for students. Until next time, friends!

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